Socius Digital  (From the latin word Socios and meaning: ” Digital Partners”)  is a bilingual, innovative, technology, marketing, and e-business consulting firm with headquarters in  Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas- USA and with offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Our founder “Cheny” and his team of professionals work in the digital world since 1995, (25 years) specializing in  Marketinglogy “Mercadeología” to provide high quality online and offline consulting services in:

Marketing Research
Consumer behavior and Avatar Creation
Interactive Big  Data Analytics
B2B Corporate Internet Interactions
SAS – Software as a Service “Cloud Services” Solutions
E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions
Multi-channel Integrated Marketing Strategies
Online and Offline Media Buying Services
Business Marketing Artificial Intelligence “BMAI”
Mobile Applications Development and Implementation
Business Workshops and  Consumer Events Coordination
International Sales and Marketing Services
Remote Work – Telework Consulting
Live Streaming and Virtual Events

We focus on productive b2b and b2c relationships, on maximizing time and money to be effective and then efficient.

If that resonates with your approach, then Socius Digital is ready to work with you now.



Email: admin@sociusdigital.com
Dallas – Fort Worth / Texas / 817-717-0343


Made in Texas. Locally owned and operated since 2017.